DDSD Training

Through all my life’s ups and downs the one constant has always been my love for working out. However, I didn’t see the true benefit until I made exercise a daily priority. My Daily Discipline Training has changed my life and it will do the same for you.

Once you commit to the discipline of daily fitness you will feel the positive effects physically, mentally and spiritually. The confidence that comes from consistency will seep into every aspect of your life.

DDSD (Different Day Same Discipline) is the training program created by Maurice Clarett. In this program you will receive:

  1. A daily workout posted Monday through Saturday. Each workout includes a text outline and a video with Maurice walking you through the action.
  2. Personal development tips and anecdotes designed to help foster self discipline and prepare you for tackling life’s challenges.
  3. A complete offseason strength and conditioning program for football players looking to enter next season with the edge.
  4. Weekly videos with Maurice’s keys to dominating the gridiron and improving your knowledge of the game.


Coming Soon....